úterý 11. června 2013

Cloud backround technique

As I was browsing PINTEREST the other day, I ran into awesome layout with cloud bakround made with distress inks, and I decided I need to try it myself!

white cardstock
distress inks
ink aplicator

1. Draw some could shapes on a scrap piece of paper.  
Best would be a piece of 12" cardstock, so you can cover the whole lenght at once.

2. Cut out the clouds...

3.Put the template down on the white page.

4. Aplly ink over the edges of the template.

5. Now shift the template upwards and do it all over again with different colour. I used 5 colours overall, but I think even two could be enough. You should try to move the template around a little bit, turn it over even. The clouds will look more natural. 

6. And we are finished!

I used my cloud backroud paper for a layout with our puppy - as always used tons of Amy Tangerine and Studio Calico products :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. To je hezká technika! A taky se mi líbí produkty od Studio Calico.