středa 5. června 2013

DIY fabric feathers

In this months DIY I will show you how to make easy fabric feathers. I used them for dressing up a gift box, but you can use them on literally everything.


  • feather template (download here)
  • fabric scraps
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil
  • twine


Download the feather template and print it out - I recommend heavier cardstock. Cut out the feathers.  

1. Put the template down on a piece of fabric (on the obverse side of the fabirc, so you wouldn´t have the pencil marks on the reverse side)

2. Draw around the shape of the feather.

3. Now turn the template and do it again.

4. Now you should have two mirrored feathers. 

5. Cut the both out.

6. This is how it will look like.

7. Turn the feathers to their observe side and apply glue.

8. Take a piece of twine and lay it down in the middle of the feather. 
The lower end of the twine should be longer. 

9. Put the other half of the feather down and press firmly, so you can see the line of the twine. Cut the piece of twine that´s coming out the upper end. 

10 And we are done - try out all three sizes :)


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